Falk Hildebrand

Group leader. Diploma in Biology, combined with self-taught programming as a teenager, led me to my Bioinformatics career.

Interested in bacterial strains and what a bacterial species actually is. If we can have this information for many species at once, all the better.

Google scholar.



PostDoc. I studied biology before switching to bioinformatics and eventually to computer science during my PhD. My research themes of interest are systems biology, metabolic modelling, and their associated combinatorial problems, that I solve with logic programming. I use computational biology to better understand interactions within communities and microbiotas.

Personal webpage


Raven Reynolds

PhD student. Studied Biomedical science at undergraduate level and progressed to a MSc by Research in life sciences, looking at relationships between diet and disease using computational biology. Highly interested in understanding the ways diet can prevent disease and promote health with a focus on the gut microbiota & bacterial strains within.


Ángela Del Castillo Izquierdo

MSc by Research. Interested in evolution, microbial ecology and human-microbiome interactions, and the lab tools to research these effectively.

Committed to the importance of communicating in science as a new-born researcher.